Full Listing of PPA Products

The Following list contains many of the over 400 brand and generic names of products containing phenylpropanolamine. These products are manufactured by more than 100 companies. As of November 2000, the FDA issued a warning about these products and may soon move to ban them.

12-Hour Cold                   Kiddy Koff                   
Alamine                        Kolephrin/DM                 
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold         Kolephrin NN Liquid          
Alka-Seltzer Plus Maximum      Kophane                      
  Strength Sinus Allergy       Kophane Cough and Cold       
Alka-Seltzer Plus Maximum        Formula                    
  Strength Sinus Allergy       Lanatuss Expectorant         
  Medicine                     Medatussin Plus              
Alka-Seltzer Plus              Myhydromine                  
  Nighttime Cold               Myhydromine Pediatric        
                               Myphetane DC Cough           
                               Naldecon Pediatric           
Alumadrine                     Naldecon-CX Adult Liquid     
Amaril D                       Naldecon-DX Adult Liquid     
Ami-Tex LA                     Naldecon-DX Children's Syrup 
Anatuss                        Naldecon-DX Pediatric Drops  
Anatuss with Codeine           Naldecon-EX                  
A.R.M. Maximum Strength        Naldelate                    
  Caplets                      Naldelate Pediatric Syrup    
BC Cold Powder                 Nalgest                      
BC Cold Powder Non-Drowsy      Nasahist                     
  Formula                      New-Decongest                
Banex                          New-Decongest Pediatric Syrup
Banex Liquid                   Nolamine                     
Banex-LA                       Nolex LA                     
Bayaminic Expectorant          Noraminic                    
Bayaminicol                    Norel Plus                   
Baycomine                      Normatane                    
Baycomine Pediatric            Normatane DC                 
Bayer Cough Syrup              Oragest S.R.                 
Bayer Cough Syrup for          Oraminic Spancaps            
  Children                     Ornade                       
Biphetane DC Cough Syrup       Ornade A.F.                  
BQ Cold                        Ornade-DM                    
Bromanate DC Cough Syrup       Ornade-DM 10                 
Bromatap                       Ornade-DM 15                 
Bromatapp                      Ornade-DM 30                 
Bromophen T.D.                 Ornade Expectorant           
Bromphen DC w/Codeine Cough    Orthoxicol Cough             
Caldomine-DH Forte             Panadyl                      
Caldomine-DH Pediatric         Par Decon                    
Cheracol Plus                  Pertussin AM                 
Chexit                         Phanadex                     
Chlor-Rest                     PhenAPAP No. 2               
Chlor-Trimetron Sinus Caplets  Phenate T.D.                 
Chlor-Tripolon Decongestant    Phentox Compound             
Codamine                       Phenylfenesin L.A.           
Codamine Pediatric             Poly-Histine-CS              
Codegest Expectorant           Poly-Histine-D               
Codimal Expectorant            Poly-Histine-D Ped           
Comtrex Multi-Symptom          Poly-Histine-DM              
  Cold Reliever                Prominic Expectorant         
Condrin-LA                     Prominicol Cough             
Conex                          Pyrroxate                    
Conex D.A.                     Remcol Cold                  
Conex Plus                     Rentamine                    
Conex w/Codeine Liquid         Resaid S.R.                  
Congesprin for Children        Rescaps-D S.R.               
  Liquid Cold Medicine         Respinol-G                   
Contac Jr. Children's          Respinol LA                  
  Cold Medicine                Rhinocaps                    
Contac 12-Hour                 Rhinolar-EX                  
Contac Maximum Strength        Rhinolar-EX 12               
  12-Hour                      Robitussin-CF                
Contac Maximum Strength        Ru-Tuss II                   
  12-Hour Caplets              Ru-Tuss w/Hydrocodone        
Cophene-S                        Liquid                     
Cophene-X                      Rymed                        
Cophene-XP                     Rymed Liquid                 
Coricidin Cough                Saleto-CF                    
Coricidin D                    Saleto-D                     
Coricidin D Decongestant       Sinapils                     
Coricidin D Medilets                                
Coricidin Demilets                  
Coricidin Maximum Strength     Sine-Off Sinus Medicine      
  Sinus Headache               Sinubid                      
Corsym                         Sinucon Pediatric Drops      
Dapacin Cold                   Sinulin                      
Decongestabs                   Sinutab SA                   
Dehist                         Snaplets-D                   
Demazin                        Snaplets-DM                  
Demazin Repetabs               Snaplets-EX                  
Despec                         Snaplets-Multi               
Dilotab                        St. Joseph Cold Tablets      
Dimaphen S.A.                    for Children               
Dimetane Expectorant           Stamoist LA                  
Dimetane Expectorant-C         Statuss Green                
Dimetane Expectorant-DC        Syracol Liquid               
Dimetane-DC Cough              Tamine S.R.                  
Dimetapp                       Tavist-D                     
Dimetapp-A                     T-Koff                       
Dimetapp-A Pediatric           Triaminic                    
Dimetapp-DM                    Triaminic Allergy            
Dimetapp with Codeine          Triaminic Chewables          
Dimetapp Extentabs             Triaminic Cold               
Dimetapp Maximum Strength      Triaminic-DM Cough Formula   
  Liquigels                    Triaminic-DM Expectorant     
Dimetapp Oral Infant Drops     Triaminic Expectorant        
Dimetapp Plus Caplets          Triaminic Expectorant DH     
Dorcol DM                      Triaminic Expectorant        
Drinophen                        w/Codeine                  
Dristan                        Triaminic Oral Infant Drops  
Drize                          Triaminic TR                 
Duadacin                       Triaminicin                  
Dura-Vent                      Triaminicin w/Codeine        
Dura-Vent/A                    Triaminicol DM               

Efficol Cough Whip (Cough        Relief                     
  Suppressant/Decongestant)    Tricodene Forte              
Efficol Cough Whip (Cough      Tricodene NN                 
  Suppressant/Decongestant/    Tricodene NN Pediatric       
  Antihistamine)                 Medication                 
Efficol Whip                   Tricodene Pediatric          
Entex                          Trind                        
Entex LA                       Trind DM Liquid              
Entex Liquid                   Tri-Nefrin Extra Strength    
Extreme Cold Formula Caplets   Tripalgen Cold               
Flogesic                       Tri-Phen-Chlor               
Genamin                        Tri-Phen-Chlor T.D.          
Genatap                        Triphenyl                    
Gencold                        Triphenyl Expectorant        
Genex                          Triphenyl T.D.               
Gentab-LA                      Tusquelin                    
Guaipax                        Tuss-Ade                     
Halls Mentho-Lyptus            Tussagesic                   
Halls Mentho-Lyptus            Tuss Allergine Modified      
  Decongestant Cough             T.D.                       
  Formula                      Tussaminic C Forte           
Head & Chest                   Tussaminic C Pediatric       
Histabid Duracaps              Tussaminic DH Forte          
Histalet Forte                 Tussaminic DH Pediatric      
Histamic                       Tussanil DH Tablets          
Hista-Vadrin                   Tussogest                    
Histosal                       Tuss-Ornade Liquid           
Hold (Children's Formula)      Tuss-Ornade Spansules        
Hycomine Pediatric             ULR-LA                       
Hydromine                      Utex-S.R.                    
Hydromine Pediatric            Vasominic T.D.               
Hydrophen Veltap